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The Moving Studio Raffle Sale
I will be moving homes in the next few weeks and starting a new chapter (well perhaps book) in my life. Which means it is also time to find new homes for work in my studio.

In light of the tough economic times, I thought it would be better to do a raffle sale. This will put artwork, which can be expensive, in the reach of those who don’t have the cash to purchase original art outright. It will also raise money for my move. To make the sale much more impactful I will donate half of everything raised to The Rose Brooks Center (https://www.rosebrooks.org/), an organization that is providing life-saving services to victims of domestic assault and abuse in Kansas City, Missouri.
How The Raffle Will Work

Below is a link to a Raffle Gallery on my website. Click on the $50 button under any work to purchase a raffle ticket. I will print the name of each raffle purchaser on a piece of paper and on Aug 6th I will post a video where I will draw 10 names from all the purchases. Each of these 10 winners will then be contacted to choose one of the works featured in the gallery on a first-purchased-first-choice basis.

I am hoping to raise a total of $10,000. This is achievable if two hundred people purchase tickets. That would be $5,000 for Rose Brooks! The other half will be invaluable in helping us into a new home.

Please help me move forward in my life and support the vital work that Rose Brooks does to save lives.

Please share with all your friends!

Thank you all for your help and support!

Strombolian Fugue
22 x 15