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This is the start of a new body of prints and sculptures. This new work is inspired by volcanic eruptions and in this particular piece, volcanic bombs. Volcanic bombs are formed when lava, forcefully ejected from a volcano, solidifies in midair. They can be as small as a fist or as big as a car.

This print is named after Laki Crater in southeast Iceland, the site of one of the largest eruptions of lava in recorded history. The eruptioned killed thousands and disrupted the weather globally. Some scholars say the resulting colder weather caused food shortages that fueled the 18th century French Revolution.

Here, in this print, Laki confesses his thoughts on his actions in the form of volcanic bombs. The glassine sleeve of the print has the key for decoding the missive. The volcanic bombs on the right are color coded to help the viewer decipher the message easier. Good luck and get to work.

The print is a 13 layered screen print and photo lithograph. It is part of the Due North Portfolio made for Philagrafika 2014.

Laki's Confession
Laki's Confession