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It did not take me long to realize the irony of being an artist who lived and worked, not in New York, NY (or better yet, Brooklyn), but on New York Street in Lawrence, Kansas.

After my first little laugh after learning my new address, I soon realized that my address contained a layered history of American colonialism. My address does not tell me where I am so much as it does the origins of my city, state and national founders.

You will no doubt notice another layer of irony when I tell you that the letterpress elements of the print were printed at Marginal Editions with Master Printer Brad Ewing in Brooklyn, NY.

Shawn Bitters Screen Print silkscreen letterpress digital print map cartography colonialism Marginal Editions Brad Ewing
The Artist Lives and Works At
Screen Print, Archival Ink-Jet, and Letterpress on paper
11 x 22 inches