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Hirsholm Island is simply a pile of boulders that was slowly covered in soil, trees and then a village. Once fishing was exhausted a quarry was established in the 1860’s using all the rocks that made up the beach ringing the small island. As an artist-in-residence over one hundred and thirty years later, ignorant of the islands history, I was often puzzled by the lines of perforation running across the surface of some stones and other boulders cracked like eggs. The perforation lines in the stones were a method of cracking the stones into smaller pieces just as perforation in paper is used for tearing it. The perforation lines I found on stones became in my mind lines of perforation in the present with the interior of the stones containing the past. It was my objective to emphasize this by aligning the perforation marks perpendicular to an edge of the image. Visually, it suggests both tearing the photographs, and cracking open the perforated stones to reveal what may lie beneath.

Shawn Bitters photographs Hirsholm Island Hirsholmene Denmark stones perforation stone quarry
Perforation 2
27 x 36 inches