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In March 2008 I traveled to The Hirsholmene Islands off the northernmost point of Denmark to work as an artist-in-residence at the Danish Council of Artists Residency on Hirsholm Island. This residency provided me with the chance to make work in reaction to one of my ancestral landscapes. As in my previeous work I used my body as a bridge to connect my native land (the western United States) to one of my indigenous landscapes (in this case Denmark). In the works, Mountain/Stones; Cache Valley, Utah; and Humble Kirke, Langeland Island, Denmark my body reveals itself as both American and European, complicating my relationship to my native landscape.

Shawn Bitters photographs Utah Denmark Hirsholmene Hirsholm island Orem Mount Timpanogos
31 x 42 inches each, 31 x 86 inches together