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Starting in 2008 I began using imagery of rockfalls in my drawings and found this to be a natural beginning point for new sculpture. These drawings were inspired by the evidence of regular rock falls that tumble down the steep, bare slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Creating sculptural forms out of this geological event allowed me to manifest typically static and steadfast materials in flux. Eventually, through the drawing process, the rockfalls became a metaphor for the dynamic, disruptive, and transformational nature of immigration. This idea was the impetus to create the Rockfall Series of sculptural prints. There are five in all; one for each known nationality of my family. These works link my ancestral locations with my native environment, freezing the moment when the stones are between two places.

Shawn Bitters Screen Print Sculptural Print handmade paper Frans Masereel Centrum serigraph silkscreen rockfall avalanche Rocky Mountains
Rockfall 1 - English
Screen Print on Handmade Paper
10 x 5 x 4 inches