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Leach was a site-specific installation created for the Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University in 2010. The screen printed, hand-folded paper columns were inspired by geological formations called columnar joints. In this show I designed the color of the columns to appear to be absorbing the wooden floors, black trim and white walls of the gallery, as rocks will leach minerals from adjacent sediment. One result of this absorption is a distorted perspectival illusion, as if the columns are reflecting a warped gallery. However, this illusion is lost once the viewer leaves the center of the gallery and looks at the columns closely.

For this installation I used a monotype screen print process to create neutral tones and textures that approximate a stone surface. Using an open screen I allowed the paper to stick to the screen creating a marbled effect. Pulling repeatedly down the screen with differing lengths of squeegees gave the prints their horizontal stratification. These effects, rendered in a variety of browns, blacks and grays, printed in many transparent layers of ink, visually transformed the light-weight kozo paper into stone.

The first image is the left wall of the installation and the second image is the right wall. The two walls of the installation mirror each other. The viewer enters the gallery between the two walls.

Shawn Bitters screen print Sculptural Prints Monotype Installation Oregon State University Fairbanks Gallery
Leach (Left Wall)
Screen Print on Paper
Dimensions Variable